Monday, November 16, 2009

Stories from the Muay Thai (event) front

It's 7 days away from the Main Event and I got moved from Bottom 6 aka Marathon Group to Top 6 aka Tribe. Not a promotion, though necessarily a demotion, just um, a change of roles. It's been 2 days of rehearsals with the Tribe and I still can't quite put a finger on how exactly I feel about it.

On the one hand, the girls in the Tribe have been a fun bunch. It's a group of 'showgirls' so you would not expect anything less than riotous. On the other hand, I've waited a whole year to get into the marathon group, been scared like crazy that I wouldn't get in, and been training like my life depended on whether I can carry myself through 2 hours of Muay Thai.

Briefing for the uninitiated: FF clubs send competitors to the annual club wars. For this year's event, just like the past 2 years, it's 2 groups from the same club to compete in the Muay Thai Wars. It's 6 and 6 all competing for the same club. For us, it's Eastwood.

A month ago, since the announcement of the chosen from Eastwood, both Bottom and Top groups have been training for their respective events. The Top 6 doing their thing, and us at the Bottom 6 getting as much training as we can get. And then things got muddled. A number from the Tribe backed out last minute leaving the Top 6 with only the um, Top 4. The Tribe was in a mad scramble for people to place there. Long story short, Lourdes and me from the Bottom 6 were moved to the Tribe and so now we shall be dancing.

I can't believe I shall be dancing on top of a chair (in a very suggestive way) in public on Saturday.
I'm all for it. But I'll be missing the marathon. Excuse me while I make up my mind.

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