Saturday, November 07, 2009

Soda Fountain Stories

My "branded" boy now has a name. A part of me wants to write it here in but the part that's too embarrassed to write it here wins. I keep Benetton boy's name to myself. The name search was tedious. Apparently, Mel commissioned the whole gym pretty much, to search for dear Benetton boy's name. I learned she asked about 5 PT's to check out Benetton boy's name and more importantly whether he is gay. Or NOT. And I am happy to announce that, 5 out of 5 said he is NOT :)) Ohwell, never an assurance but I'll take what I can. Hahaha.

My Benetton stories are stories from the soda fountain, pretty much because this is the only place we meet by chance, sometimes I hope not by chance :P So last Friday was spent checking out gym equipment with Sep and Mel. You can tell it was super fun cos I was giggling like a grade schooler the whole time. Before we hit the showers, we went to the soda fountain to hydrate. Enter Benetton boy, bagong ligo fresh from the boy's locker.

One thing I noticed was that every time I'm there in the soda fountain, he happens to be thirsty. Of course in my head, this all has malice written all over it. I like to tell myself he likes going there because I'm there. Hahaha. I was in this huddle with Mel and this Tito from the gym when he came. He got his water AND B-Boy lingered. And just before he went out, he looked back. I was just too shy to make eye contact so it was Mel he saw. I knew he smiled cos Mel had this weird Hi I Am Greeting You But I Will Just Give You This Half Hearted Smile Cos We Don't Really Know Each Other look. I just knew he looked back. He lingered and he looked back.

The fact that he looked back was the BOMB. I was smiling like crazy the whole time -- during dinner, on my drive home, and right before I slept. I tell you, I just had this stupid smile the whole friggin time. Let's see Monday what happens by the soda fountain :P

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