Monday, December 04, 2006

no penguins

this is embarrassing -- din't get to see Happy Feet yesterday :( went to galleria and texted markie and rach on my way. i was bragging about finally getting to see the penguins. i was so psyched about going, i din't really mind waiting. was upposed to see it with ming and kate after their recording. we were supposed to see the 7.30 showing but i was there 4-ish. for one i was getting my mum a birthday gift, and for another i brought my marketing book in the hopes of getting into it during coffee.

went on with my birthday gift hunting and ended up with a Side A collection for my mum and a Luther video for my dad, pasalubong cos he was kind enough to send me off with movie money :) after the gift hunt, i was off for my coffee fix. then, after what seemed like three years, i finally landed a couch seat and started reading (and eating my pringles baon, haha). that was when i got a call from Ata telling me to get to Shakey's to meet Kuya Rodge and get to their spot. so i did.

got to the 7/11 building and watched them do their recording. to lessen the agony of the preempted penguin go-see, to cut the story short (what could be more cliche than that?) they ended at 10p. the last full show starts at ten, and we actually can still go, but we din't anymore.

i was really sad cos i badly wanna see the penguins and din't get to. pero looking back, keri narin cos recording was kinda fun. now am excited for the january wedding :) i was happy to see that Ata found a match in her Kuya Rodge. they look adorabe together :) and for another, it was prolly about time i spend some QT with the family, the one that's outside my nuclear bunch. so yeah, i guess am okay, happy even, kahit na i din't get to see the cute penguins.

ooh, there's also a story about my birthday gift and how the surpirse was preempted AND how i ended up bawling about it :P but nah, entry too long.

i hate it that i hold on to people.
i hate it that i still care.
screw feelings.
shiyet, screw pride.

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