Tuesday, July 31, 2007

monday night

happy birthday Dianne Miranda! :D twenteen is fun :)
i hope i get to see you guys reaally soon :D


i have so much to do.
  • 3 individual papers for OpMan, one for each speak up
  • OpMan company audit with my econ group
  • ocean spray case for global marketing
  • Total in Sudan case for cross cultural
  • French report on friday/tuesday that's a reaally huge chunk of my cross cultural grade
  • php82-worth readings for WC which i need to read faaaast
  • friday is workshop piece deadline *dies*

but i get to blog. this is me and my thing with proscratination. pft, i just cant do eeet.


caught Ratatouille last saturday with the folks. it was fun, errr... kinda. yeah, funny. i was just prolly off somewhere, space cadette signing off. haha. anyhoo, we came in early for --- *drumroll* the trailers! :D i wanna watch everythingggg.

  • evan almighty -- steve carell is a hit :) i need happy thoughts. haha.
  • license to wed -- and again, robin williams i a sure hit :) and yeah, everyody could use some mush.
  • enchanted -- patrick dempsey. nuff said :P but really, in my attempt to use words and not just onomatopoeias (spell right?), it's a story book set in new york where random production numbers like those in Grease are laughed at on the streets. things dont meld perfectly because there are bikers on the street and people doing their things. looks like a fun watch.
  • national treasure + somethingsomething -- i think my dad wants to watch :D i might get to see it for freeeee :) weeee.
  • no reservations -- catherine zeta-jones and this italian person with the cleft chin in the kitchen as chefs. so this was the movie tet wanted to see. and now i want to see it, too -- with him. screwmeermscrewhimnlangormaybescrewus. pft.


i need break. a really looong one. this is bad. am graduating in two sems time and i dont feel like an adult. i should be thinking grand plans of conquering the world by storm, like any normal, dreaming college kid. but no. am here, doing non-value adding things and NOT dreaming. pft. am weirdly happy though. am just not sure if that's a good combination -- NOT dreaming and happy. life expects so much of me and am scared i just might not deliver.

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