Sunday, July 29, 2007

all in a day

forget all the things i said about BA being sucky. my love for BA is so thick now, i can freakintouch it :D caught Stratmark for the first time, and it was just what i needed -- win high is so effing good for the soul :)

the Stratmark team was brilliant, i was beaming like a proud mom. haha. i just had to be there when the Taco Bell dude said, "Universiteeeh of the Philippineessssuh!" we all knew we were gonna win, but the affirmation still saw us ecstatic like anything. i love the hooting part -- haha yes, am uncultured like that :P we were only a handful, but the energy was so high we drowned out everyone else. UP Fight! never felt this goood :D

(clockwise from top left: 1) while waiting for the annoucement 2) the stage 3) with our fourfreakinhundred ticket.. ow 4) win high! :) but yeah, with the high and all -- (even if my broke) am goood :D)

and as if the Stratmark in high was not enough, i get my happines dose from Writer's :D even without the warnings (threats, haha) about not deferring were given me left and right, i'll stick by this. WC makes me happy :)

the acquaintance party was a riot :) i was late (coming from the Stratmark in Araneta), we werent able to pack CNB 211, the decor was sparse (almost nonexistent :P) and the food wastn spectacular, but there was something in there that made the place roar with laughter -- everything else dint matter. i think i love WC now :)

(clockwise from top left: 1) the dr. Quack quack kebs-sa-buhol-we-shall-pose casualties with the smokey effect 2) WC's Lau+Anj+Surot+April 3) the dr. quack quack mess again 4) apps Pola+France+Jaevee+Bernadete+Selah+Lei)

yes, pride is getting in the way.

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