Friday, July 27, 2007

shine down on meeeeee :D

thank you God for taking note of my cranky version of me yesterday and sending me these cute things to say You still care. yes, even when i think you are really faaaar, sometimes. and again, yes i still believe in You even when moving up to that part of this existence that is a lot closer to You (errr... dying in lay terms) seemed very inviting. because even when i was feeling down and out and miserable, there was still this part of me that said i have solace -- even then when i couldn't seem to find it.

so yeah, today heaven was smiling at me and gave me cute reasons to smile after that good cry:

  1. Laughing my lungs out in Brand Management class because of this boy classmate who reported on Modess
  2. Getting free chocolate from Sir and seeing my classmates' excited eyes as the boxes were being passed around
  3. Biting into the Kinder chocolate bar and reading thought bubbles that said, "shet, whammos!"
  4. getting free points for going to stratmark tomorrow. weee! yuuuh peeeeh foyt!
  5. That look :D
  6. Attempting to stalk Mike after class and figuring out i cant catch up cos he walks reaaaallly fast
  7. the Babaylan person in AS walk telling me, "ate yellow, come join UP Babaylan and complete the colors of the ranbowww! (pointing to the v. colorful backdrop their booth had then)" -- which left me feeling really gay. *hmm, must be the screaming yelow top*
  8. seeing Jess H and being told i am missed :D and then answering back, "i know" then after two seconds realizing its sucha ditzy thing to say ang then shouting back, "missyoutoo" at the FC walkway.
  9. Francis and his speech about out-ing to his nanay
  10. Being the kiss ass app to April and going to the dean's office with her -- and if it still isn't obvious, i like her :D (in the straight friend way :P)
  11. seeing a national artist :) -- passed by Bienenido Lumbera on the way back to the WC tambayan. i dont really know him, tehee. i just love the bragging rights the thing gives you, i.e, someone asks you where you've been, you go ditzy and say "ooh, nothing really, just hobnobbing with some national artist". oyeh :)
  12. Anj asking me, "wala ka dalang cookies?"
  13. walking with Nat on my way back to BA
  14. that 175 meeting and conversations about why BA is such a money making machine and why the college sucks *yes, diss your college at your own risk*
  15. having that light airy feeling tahdhay.
okay. must. get. back. work. 105. exam. tomorrow. aaaaaa!
maybe anger is hurt trying to look tough...

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