Sunday, August 12, 2007

i SHOULD be sleeping now

i have two exams on Monday. i have SEA30 final exam for the geography part which basically covers half an inch of copyright infringement. and then there's 175 midterms which covers 7 chapters, which i dont have to describe visually cos the 7 chapters speak for itself.

and then am here, at 1am on a Sunday morning sharing my very random thoughts for the whole world wide web (wwww) to see. rawr. havent read a single thing for my monday things. i should be scared.

i've been busy, yanow. my head's throbbing. i think it's from too much time on the monitor. but shyeah, i cant pluck myself outta here. baaaad.

i realize i like this one a lot more than i care to admit. sounded every bit ditzy. if in case anyone's thinking this is a very subtle hint of a love life on my part, i send this disclaimer out and give you a big, fat, plump on the sides N-O. it is not. this is more of a, like, grade school fan fancy. take it from two posts back -- fan girl.

this is why i think broadband HAS been a bad thing. even before i got into this, ive been staying on the pc for more than i have to. and then this. you can just imagine how many precious hours i spend here now, clicking away random, non-value adding clickables. pft.

ive figured myself how this is very bad for any social life. the researching part is good for getting to know companies you target as potential employers, or maybe research on some hotshot celebrity you have to interview for a hotshot talk show you have going under our belt. but not exactly the healthiest thing when the researching is targeted toward a random hapless (erm, not really) classmate. not value-adding (to any social life, or maybe life in general, iiick) at all. what value do you get from knowing random classmate (RC from hereon) likes to wear green shirts and sleeps in the folks' room until now? nothing much, except that you feel really bad for knowing this from some random corner of the web, rather than from RC himself. but shyeah, like the way you look at your reflection on all shiny surfaces (i.e., car windows, fast food glass windows, among other kinds of windows), however tacky you know doing it looks like, you just can't help it. you look at your reflection and check yourself out -- all the freakintime.

and just when i was about to close my windows (no, not the shiny ones but the ones on your computer), i find out i actually am one click away from the real reason why i spent the last few nights googling my way to some semblance of relationship (albeit twisted and one-sided) with my RC. of course i click. and all my eye bags amount to a handful of fotos. and even with all my shit, i have to gall to say i only like RC a little. oyeh, i have pride issues :D


i DONT like it when i start thinking about whether someone is giving me that look. cos when i do, i get too keen on checking out whether that look is really that look. and even if i get to find out that the look isnt that look, i start giving that one that look. itso weird but i cant help it. and that's me wishing that the look i thought to be that look really turns out to be that look. so please, if it isnt that look, please dont look at me -- love, person with a lot of (made up) self esteem issues. aaack. i dont have to make sense its 1 in thefreakinmorning.

am sleeping NOW. yes now. erm, taking a bath first. and then sleeping. NOW.

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