Thursday, August 09, 2007

happy 100th post :)

this is the 100th post for this blog :D yey!

i've stopped writing on my other blogs, one reason for each of them. am closing in on one year for my blogspot :) first year is on november :)

here's to my favorite ranting audience :D


lazy day today. the rain so makes everything look cozy and warm inside the house, you dont want to leave :) almost everyone i know hates the rain. i hate it, too when am out and have to elbow my way home for a ride. but when am at home and can enjoy the cozy comfort of my bed and the house and the food, i love the rain :) there's something odd about the rain that makes things look clean. i love it that i feel like everything's so movie-like. theres something uncanny about my house's ambience. must be the cold weather :)

i'd be happier if i get to drive around in the nighttime. that's like my ultimate happiness. there's something very romantic about the rain, and i love the feeling it gives me :)


i was supposed to write yesterday when i got home. i felt really tired though, i decided against it and went to sleep -- i even forgot to take a bath. iiick.

i was soaking wet when i came home yesterday. err, not really. it was more like the hems of my pants, the ribbon at the back of my top, my sweater and the edges of everything i was wearing last night. yesterday was a tiiiring day.

the most surprising revelation of yesterday was when after our 198 report, all other groups said, "we commend your group for being really organized". haha, we were all like, seriously. but really, even ma'am said she like the way we organized our report on France and that it made sense. imagine my sigh of relief when i heard that.

i wasn't really expecting much from this report. if at all, the most i was hoping for was that we dont look like doofuses in front. you can tell i put my hopes down -- dooown there. two minutes before our report started, we were still editing our powerpoint. wasak kame lahat, and the report was sabog. and no, am not gloating about the outcome, nor am i fishing. we were seriously doubting the possibility that our report on France would come out decent at the least.

i think we had too much information, and we were at at loss at how to organize it. ma'am was looking for this specific framework to guide our report -- it was difficult for us cos we couldnt get a good grasp of the thing. the way things worked in our minds was the reverse of the framework she required. you can imagine our confusion. we then settled for her framework, crossing our fingers we got what she wanted right.

we only got to crafting our outline the night before the report. imagine, we've meeting for the past two weeks before the report and nothing was coming out. yes, we had grand ideas about feeding the class with Delifrance bread and sharing a bottle of wine to make the report look glamorous and all, but that was it. we even had ideas about expounding using the french win making process, only to be stumped later when we found out it was a futile attempt. i felt so lost, i let go of all my hopes of a smashing report.

then came 198 and i was a self appointed emcee. it was a last resort thing to make our report look the least bit organized, and to my surprise, it did make us look very much in control. while i was doing my thing (my part was the value of love for country) ma'am kept nodding in agreement. i couldn't contain my excitement because the approval was coming from someone who lived in France for at least 3 months. that's long enough to observed the ways of the nasal people.

the best part was (at least for me), we were given the benefit of answering comments and questions thrown at us after the report. we finished pretty early and there was time left for clarification. i will forever love ma'am for allowing our group to say our piece on the reactions of our classmates on what they said were loopholes and things lacking from our report. imagine my happiness when were able to keep our report afloat even after everyone gave it their blows. and my, what made the thing reeeally really hot, was when everyone harped on the fact(?) that it was such an organized report and that we had a good grasp of France :) someone even said he wanted to go to France after seeing what we did for the report. weeee! :)

and yes, the success of the report also wouldn't have been if not for the plus factor of the wine, thanks Justin -- albeit on cheap paper cups, but still thanks Daren. also, to Diane who turned in really useful research which made us all look like we knew our stuff, thank you thank you.

and and.. how can i forget my girls :) thank you for making this a fun experience :) yes, we had time when we wanted to pull our hair for the the bad rep the men gave ( the ADD kid who trumped my ADD, and that boy who made us feel like he knew his stuff only to stage a bad case of oral diarrhea in front) we did it. here's to more fabulous reports, alcohol for both of you (and maybe for me too -- with my Dad nga lang :P), hot clothes for costume (oyeh, another time around for Friencess' black and white striped top), having a grand time, and ranting sessions over oily KFC dinner :D i'll look forward to our movie date plus sleepover. eto overboard na but lemme have this one --i love my girls :D (ayan ha, indirect na, baka kase hindi nyo na ko lapitan if i actually said i love you :P haha)

to my avid readers Rach and Friencess, this post's for youuu :) huwaw, parang dj, may dedication. haha. school's fun-er with both you guys around. my love goes out to both of youuuu :) we shall make more grand reports together. bwahaha, take that Mozambique!


as if the estrogen from the 198 report wasnt enough, we had more girl power up our sleeves. haha. dinner last night was at Shakey's. it was pizza, laughter and a million and two rants. thanks Gia, Kat, Freindcess, and Rach for the grand time :)

and as if i wasnt happy enough, there was reeally cute, disarmingly adorable little three-year old boy behind me that couldnt get enough of peek-a-boo. he was really white, with brown hair and reeaally long lashes, i had to fight the urge to grab him and hug him. lucky mom :) and we overheard his name was Angelo :)

just when i was about to say little babies have lost their charm for me, this litel angel shows up and makes me weak in the knees. hes sooo cute, he makes you go awww :)


on a bum note, because i have so much idle time in my hands, i finally get to Simpsonize meeee :) i have yet to watch the film though. here's my dose of Springfield for now :)

i dont think it looks like me. for one, i have a prety prominent baba. apparently, the yellow creatures lack this anatomical part. so, for that lumiit na ang chances of this creature resembling me at the least. this my my nth attempt, and i just wanted to paste this on my blog. kaya eto.


random sidebar lang: i dont think i will ever get it what it is with men who pretend to reeaally know when in fact they only have a slight idea. grow up. it takes more of a man to admit you have some learning to do. isa pa, dont you think it's more embarrassing (and emasculating, whatever that means to you) when people, who have created grand expectations of you, find out you were bluffing the entire time. iick. that's all i have for you. and yes, now i officially dislike you. (err, even if i actually like conversing with you because i think youre smart)

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