Saturday, August 04, 2007

because i think am writing again :)

today's the day i think writing came back :)

i was into poetry when i was nine. i even sent my work to the then Junior Inquirer, and got a cap for my published poem. i wrote a lot of poetry then cos i headed the school paper and yeah, that grandstand-er in me wnated more paper space, so i wrote poetry. but since high school, i've stopped. it just din't make sense to me -- the whining through ryhyming became tedious and i became a child of the prose. it was prose for me since then.

and then today. not in my imagination did i think i'd get to write poetry in my tags. but i just did :D and yeah, thanks to you for this.

so yeah, this is me dabbling in poetry again -- after eons. nothing fancy. my first in a reeally long time. bear with the comebacking poet/pwet. haha.


Fan girl

You were okay
You weren’t too beautiful
You weren’t bad looking at all
Definitely not
You were short, which was bad
Since I dig tall men
But you kept me glued

There was something about you
That was mysterious
You were interesting
You had that weird flair
That seemed to call on to me
That look,
It was telling me that you were someone
More than I think you are

And that
It was that conversation
And it wasn’t even ours
I was meant to hear it
It was for everyone
And you just wowed me
Without even trying

It was that fire
It was within you
I knew everyone felt that
It was the passion
It was so thick
I could touch it

I knew since day one I’d like you
You feel different
You were quiet, and alone
And unlike them
You didn’t invite attention to yourself
And I like that
It was probably that

and you got me hooked
And I didn’t even notice :)

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