Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the college kid, poetry and checking you out

happy birthday to my Dad :D cheers to my favorite golden boy, weeee! i love you Dad :)


hoorray to proscrastination :D *not that itsa good thing in itself* but today, all my wishing paid off -- the SEA30 exam and the 175 midterms moved to thursday :) weeeeee!

*thinks again* and i just realized it got put off, but am still taking it in two days time. howell, whoever said you can have your cake and eat it, too. *there goes my cliche quota fulfilled for the day :)*


i seriously think my SEA30 teacher was wearing eye liner earlier. waw, watta way to start my day, Sir. thanks. okay, with that out of the way, lets go. when i came to class, that one was looking. before i sat down, that one was looking.when i turned back, that one was looking. and then before that one left, he looked my way as if to telepathy the bye (erm, that was just meee :P). now am still thinking whether that one gave me that look. i need like two more days to check to see. rawr, i make it sound like rocket science this entire checking out thing. yesyes, i do have a life, i just get a kick outta this. gimme this one :)

had lunch with Ming earlier and laughed our heads off talking about my person she calls, "not so true love". iiick we know, we get it. weve made a long list of our cast of characters following this iick theme. dig in: (1) si Asian teddy bear athletic classmate -- it used to have the words chinese and basketball until we figured it was such a giveaway. and then the bear series (2) grizzly athletic bear -- who is not a classmate and managed to get into our conversation and (2) the cute and cuddly koala athletic bear classamte, who i, btw, love to bitsss :)

[/edit] today caught me staring like crazy (cuh-rey-zeeeh for the effect). i was in such a "good" position that i can look without getting caught (or so i think, says friendcess -- and uh, this is soo gradeschool, but am liking it :P). he was effortlessly adorable. and um, cute. and um, really endearing to look at --- erm, wrong, sounded so mommy. but really, it was fun looking and trying not to get caught. haha. and then i got caught - just once, and friendcess says if he caught me looking, then he must be looking, too (iick. eew. aaack. sorreh). haha, this is getting too detailed it's making me gag. but yeah, he isnt really beautifulbeautiful but hes fun to look at. and that disarming stare. and he looks clean. maybe hes mabango, too. iiick, may perv factor na yun sorreh. yeah, you can tell i like him :)


this afternoon was WC reading session. we read two poems which were brilliant in their own rights. "Father", the free verse with the "enjamb"-ed parts, and the Jorie Graham "I was Taught Three" which sent us spinning. and well, feeling like very small, uncapable writers. haha. the entire thing was fun. Moral of the entire thing: read more, and uh, according to me, reading with other people around reading with you is way fun-ner and more exciting.

uhm, why do i get the feeling that i write better in the wee hours of the morning? i liked my previous entry better thatn this, uh, very gradeschool diary-sounding thing i am publising... NOW.


[/edit. uh, yes again]
i found Pon and Zi in the internet the other day :) i just need some show and tell space :)

arent they the cutest? :) i love the "this is how you make my tummy feel". my that one still doesnt make me feel that. um, you, where exactly are you? :) haha.

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