Thursday, August 16, 2007


yey again to whatever UP has to disrupt the normal classes. ACLE on thurs and i guess it has, somehow, something to do with the 175 postponement. whatever. atleast i get to take it easy tonight and not force myself to take in threefreakinhundred pages of global marketing. weeeee! :) exam's next thursday, maybe i can study like one chapter a day so it doesnt get too overwhelming. butstill, tomorrow's the geog exam and were supposed to draw the map -- on a BLANK bond paper. ftw. am supposed to read two chapters and memorize the freakin boundaries. hay.

here's to giving in to monster P. me and stalling. haha. i got this thing from multiply. ten things for ten people. sounds fun. shyeah, lets stall studying for sea30 :)
  1. i have unlearned you. it was probably naivette talking at that time, but yeah, this works better for me.
  2. i am appalled at the person i am seeing now. and i thought things were going really well. apparently, that was just me.
  3. i miss having someone like you around, but yes i've come to terms with many things. am finally growing up, you'll be proud of me :)
  4. am happy at the way things are going with us, i just wish you'd let me know you more. you dont always have to appear put together and perfect because i will understand you. i wont fault you for being imperfect because everyone is.
  5. um, what's with the look? dont be shy am not as strong as i appear to be :P id appreciate it if you'd quit looking and start talking :)
  6. so, what exaclty do you think of me now? thanks a lot to technology, now i cant look you in the eye anymore. i wish i knew how to quit you :) *naks. just wanted to use the last part. itso ditzy, i love eet*
  7. thank you for being the kind of friend that you are. i never thought i'd learn to like you enough to be freinds :) but yeah, the more i get to know you, the more i am reminded that life shouldnt be about prejudice. thank you.
  8. thanks for never forgetting, ill forever love you for that. but i hope you learn that life's not all a party, there's dirty work to be done, and youth as an excuse expires when you hit 25. but still, i love you and i hope you do better :)
  9. youre difficult, youre strong and you tell me things i dont want to hear. youre the only one that can make me hate you so much i cringe when i see you, but youre also the only person i can love with such a passion. thank you for standing by me :)
  10. i wish i could stay longer :)

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