Thursday, August 30, 2007

oddly tired

i oddly feel tired. i think -- and then i figure i havent been doing a lot of things as of late.

*i digress -- i see there's this video tool on my blogger toolbar now :) has it been there long OR was i just not observant enough?*

anyhoo, going back, i look back to two weeks ago, and figure ive been whiling time away, feeling tired and not really getting things done. i had two weeks in a row of unbelievable 5-day-weekends and they were all a blur with snippets of Desperate Housewives and all those jellobrain movies i caught. i write this as i cram my group contribution for the brand framework homework for tomorrow, together with my bakery brand framework -- which i, by the way havent done anything for. its just gotten so baad. monster P, i stomp on you -- sabi nga ni April.

maybe i feel tired now because after all, i helped Mother Earth get better by picking up twenimilyen candy wrappers at the lagoon earlier this afternoon. itsa Haribon thing which Writer's signed up for. by the way, we got a number of used condoms, a pantyliner and our first realfirst "basura"? a porn cd with a topless woman showing her nips for the world to see. and i thought lagoon stories were sleazy jokes.

we were the last ones to do the rounds and we so we got the really difficult area. this thing spans from the back of the admin building to the front of the main lib. wow, thatsalotta stamina, thankyouverymuch. and erm, bad smelling shirts from all the pawis and the basura, ick please quit any visual images you might have conjured. and and.. all soft mud in my brown rubber tsinelas. wow.

i have happy entries really, am just really busy being tired.

P.S. i shall write about that escapade with markie and sweet when... um, am not so tired anymore.

P.P.S. me watching live tomorrow at the Araneta :) and and... i have three new favorite letters and three new favorite numbers. my letters are x and j and w, in no particular order. and my new favorite numbers are 8 and 9 and 7 :) go figure. haha *wink wink*

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