Monday, September 03, 2007

one UAAP Thursday :)

this post really was for last Thursday. i was giddy about going home and writing. what i didn't realize was that the adrenaline high would last me only up to the dinner table stories. i went up, sat by the computer and started typing. i wasn't even halfway done with my first paragraph when my eyes started giving up on me. i spent about an hour stressing out about trying to keep my eyes open before it finally dawned on me that it is sleeping time. so i give in :)

and today, this is me telling my UAAP story from blurry memories of Thursday.

okay, i cut two classes to get to watch the 2p and the 4p game. i had to skip SEA30 at 1p and 175 at 4p. and for the first time in my entire college existence, i ditch class to see the basketball team play live... erm, among other reasons :P haha. ive never really cut class for anything non-value adding... erm, i figured i never really cut class. not that am a sucker for perfect attendance (um, i partly am) but its majorly because i hate the guilt of not going to class. i weirdly get that all the time. but Thursday was different. when Ming asked me if shes getting tickets, i just said yes :)

for one, i've been dying to see a game live, practically any game. it was a pretty good thing am classmates with some of the team, at least theres some semblance of a relationship tying us together, other than school spirit. haha. and yeah, am getting pretty old (at least in UP's sight) -- am fourth year, graduating in six months' time and all that. so when Ming told me about watching live, i said, this is it :)

we met up at 1p right outside my SEA30 class, waited a wee bit for her dad, and off we were to Araneta. we went in and found our places in the patron area (oyeh, a few days' worth of scrimping can actually go get you a patron ticket) and wow, there were a grand total of seven people in our side. we were so recognizable from the court and i think i have some classmate thinking i actually cut class to watch them play. which erm.. as much as i hate to admit, was really the (pathetic) case.

and then again, like a bad record on perpetual repeat, UP lost its tenth game to the FEU team. ohwell, no surprises really. it just bugs me that i actually shelled out a few hundred pesos to watch them... do what they do in the court -- please dont make me tell :P and again, howell. and then we had to stand up for the school hymn. imagine getting beaten by the basketball team and overpowered by half of the Araneta all cheering for FEU. and then two of us had to stand up in the sea of Ateneans who were badmouthing our team -- to sing our hymn. okay okay, i love UP. i love UP. i love UP. i love UP.

anyway, the Ateneo v UST game kinda made up for the pathetic twenty-point losing margin by the team i actually went there for. the Kirk Long shot will go down in history :) [edit] 9.22p, 6 september: i figured i was writing about some player that dint even played for the Ateneo. i apparently put "Jeffrey Long" in my post instead of the real "Kirk Long". haha, laughtrip talaga to. thanks Ming for pointing that out to me :P [/edit] it was amazing, just amazing :) imagine, Ateneo was playing with an at least ten-point losing margin from the first to the third quarter. and then second minute fourth quarter, they decide it was time to win. the teams were edging each other out by a mere point from the second minute down to the last. and then Long made that shot. 71-72, i shall never forget that game :)

maybe it was the adrenaline rush or maybe pressure from the crowd, sometime into the second quarter i find myself shouting the "go! Ateneo! one big fight!" cheer. and then Ateneo wins, i pump my fist into the air and scream my lungs out. haha, it was weird. it really felt odd. yeah, it was a good game and all, i take that back, it was a GREAT game -- but it wasn't MY school. howell, the school spirit shxt wont shake off :)

some fotos from the jump:

before leaving for the Araneta *getting dagger looks for getting to watch live basketball games*
fan girl-ing with JC Intal
with the one who thought of going to see UAAP :)

some "other" thoughts on basketball: i think Chris Tiu is sucha beautiful kid. howell yeah, beautiful boy, but i wont say that. kid sounds non-predatory, and that the only way i want to sound like. Ming likes Chris a lot (maybe wants to marry him :P) so i talk about Chris in a fascinated i-dont-like-him-in-"that"-way kid of way.

from what i heard from Ming, he's filthy rich -- and mean feeeltheeeh rich *cough* he owns a freakin hotel and real freakin estate *cough* -- a very smart boy, as in i-am-magna-standing-and-i-am-ME-in-the-Ateneo kind of smart, plays basketball ( gahd, he is THE Chris Tiu), has a pretty family, is an all-around good boy who everyone likes loves to bits, and well, he leads the team to prayer after a basketball win. i mean, there are boys like that today? maybe he's fictional :) haha.

P.S. i was about to think i actually got lucky with my Thursday cuts because i found out that 175 dint hold class. and then i find out just now that my SEA30 class is reporting on Monday in groups. now i dont have a group, and i dont have a report. wow.

P.P.S. i thought it was really uncanny how Ming and i went about our identification of "the families" when we were at the Araneta. first game i ever so casually said, "Ming, ayun yung mommy nya sa southeast. shes sitting with the little brother. ang cute no?" and Ming nods her head in acknowledgment. second game and it's Ming's turn. she goes, "Ate, yun yung mommy nya sa right, in the blue shirt and jogging pants. ooh, and that's his dadin the collared shirt. you know what, they watch him all the time" and i smile at the cute thought. that pointing-the-family-of-the-ums was weird, now that i think back on it. what's weirder was that we didnt find it weird then. haha :) hay, the things that women do :) labyu Ming, looking forward to another game live :D

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