Friday, September 07, 2007

busy swooning

its three freakin years. i care about that. am such an ohmigahd-am-older-than-you-are-junkie. i dont dig short men. i dont dig young(er) men.

and then, just because, i now dig short men. and *gasp* dont give a deym (erm, not really. just for the poetic shxt) about whether i am or you are older.

this is just crazy. must get back to the OpMan paper. see? another point right there -- just when i am busy with my "grown up" subjects like Operations and Brand Management, someone's busy with Math2 and Literature for the Pedestrians or whatever. you see. you see.

all wrong. but something in my brain shuts this thing up and says, sorry cannot process request, busy swooning. oyeh, this thig is nuts. just nuts.

just needed to channel some giddy energy into writing. okay, signing off. now. babay :)

[/edit]: 07.09.07 at eleven in the morning -- some wise words from Ne-yo and Rihanna: And I can’t stand you, Must everything you do make me wanna smile, Can I not like it for awhile... wow, how apt.

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