Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Secret Place with the Dolphins and the Floaters and this Weird Body of Water

Two nights ago, I dreamt this certain place again. I've been to this "dream place" a few times in my past dreams, but it was only two days ago that actually vivdly remembered the dream the following day. I don't know for sure where exactly this place is, but I know for certain it is far and I would think a fictional place I've never really been to. The kind of far where you start traveling to go to it bright and early in the morning and arrive this this place at dusk.

Now thinking about it awake, this place is pretty far. I don't remember taking any vehicle, a car or a bus, or a train maybe, to get there. So yeah, I think I walk to there every time I dream  it. I would think it's far cos even in the dream I kinda get tired.

To get to the final destination, which now that I think about it is pretty weird and out of touch with my reality (or so I think, it is a dream after all), I and whoever I was with in the dream, have to go through two different places.

The first being  this place that is sandy. Not the beach kind of sandy, more like Middle East kind of sandy with brown sand and cloth tents perched on wooden poles. It definitely isn't a high flying vacation village. The village folk are simple and life looks pretty tough. We walk through this sandy village with a handful of people walking in and out of the cloth tents going about their day and kind of not minding us. I remember though, that at one part of the dream I remember feeling a little scared of the villagers cos they looked pretty unhappy at the bypassers' presence.

At the end of the sandy village, we are greeted by a a quiet little body of water, a cross between a large pool and a small lake. I can't decide whether this is natural body of water or a man-made pool. Now that I think about it, this body of water changed sizes many times in the course of the dream. On the way to final destination, this body of water was extra large. I think we took some form of water transport, a weird cross between a jetski, a motor boat, and a ferris wheel booth. I know! Plus, at some parts of the dream, our water transport had 2 pairs of pedals.

From between wading and playing in this pool-slash-lake, we somehow are able to make our way to the final destination. After a few or so minutes (or hours? I can't be sure) of going around the pool in circles, we reach the other end and disembark our super fun water ride. I remember vividly that at one point, I was pedaling my water toy with Jennifer Anniston. Yes, Rachel Green of the make-believe Manhattan, NYC. I know at some point I was with someone else interesting, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember who else.

Finally, when we get to the other side, the final destination is revealed. I call it final destination just because it is the last, and not necessarily because it is extra fancy or extra interesting. 

Final destination, finally. I get off the boat, at this point I forget where exactly my "new friend" Rachel Green went, and I do not remember ever caring about whether she was gone. And then, change setting. We are in this huge maze-like concrete structure, all walls no roof, with big square holes in the walls, like as if someone hammered out the windows. Looking out the "windows" you see an unbelievably vast grassland with patches of bald areas where large rock formations are happily displayed.

I remember running around the concrete house with a handful of other people who I now don't even remember. I'm pretty sure some of them were people important to me, either because they were friends or my favorite people from my TV shows :p

End dream sequence. Pointless really. I just want to be able to chronicle this dream because, as with all other dreams,  it was complicated with unexplainable setting changes. I just thought it was cool that I actually remembered a good part of it in decent detail. Til the next weird dream :p

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