Saturday, March 10, 2007

because i opted to stay home

i skipped Econ today. i sit here, in front of the computer, and cross my fingers Sir does not decide to make his students do anything important today -- like a quiz. nooooo. not today, please? okay, insert smiley -- :) please? :)

the other Sir said we won't have 182 today. so yeah, happy. then i started getting dressed at around 9-ish. and then i figured, i'll be going to an hour's worth of class then -- four hour's worth of crappy free time. alone. so i decided to stay home and leave a little later. hence, the entry :)

last night was ultimate sabaw night. after the Finance exam, i get an appointment from the leader, to head the discussion for the 152 term paper. understandably cos he has like three zillion powerpoints to work on, two million reports like that one for Law, plus one make up class. so i thought, not a prob -- one hour discussion then head home.

but no, around 6p, we were on our way to Bo's and were up for some serious discussion. we grabbed some munch then next thing i knew, it was 10p. and i had no Dad to pick me -- away in some Asian Destination. ten thirty we decided it was late and head home.

but. but it doesn't head there. got home 11-ish -- alone, five minutes downtime, then bath. foncall from friendcess after am fresh and clean, then some more grub. we worked til our ears were sore and we were barely functioning. slept til i felt i had compensated for all those. and that isn't much. the past days am happy with just six hours. *sigh*

to my Bed: bonding tayo end March
to my eyes: am sorry you don't get much sleep. it'll be a while. be patient.
to my brain: please cooperate.
to my self: hi :)

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