Sunday, March 11, 2007

is it just me or...

why is it so easy to stay up late and spend hours in front of the computer browsing through random, useless stuff. spend time in front of the tube scanning shows you don't really wanna see? whiling time away for non-academic endeavors -- effortless.

but noooo. for finance, i'd have to pull myself up, hold my eyelids to stay awake. it's always a conscious effort. and it's nevever a guarantee i'd remember everthing. hay life.

random: i kinda feel like eating kwek-kwek. like now. hmm, i can smell the vinegar and sili :P and isaw, too :)

why am i gravitating to you?
like a bee to a flower. ay. joke yun :P
you make me happy, you make me laugh.
-- but there's more to it than that.
for one thing, i know it's not going to happen
we are so different.
and reason gives me a flat out -- no.

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