Friday, March 02, 2007

what happened?

Econ 3rd exam - done. Marketing 3rd exam -- done. hay. at least i can breathe a lttle easier now :) but not quite, cos Finance 2nd exam is thursday next week. howel.

this post is brought to you by the UP Pep Squad super show we caught last Tuesday -- yes, that Tuesday before marketing :P before my brainfood -- lets do an i-have-a-column-in-the-lifestyle-section-lets-talk-about-the-show :)

Elevate 7 was my first -- and i think i'd love to see the eighth installment :) save for that issue when i got fetched, i loveloveloved that Tuesday night. for the first part, random squads fro UP orgs did their routines for the contest. hohum. then we had hotodgs, really yummeh! :) we got bacon cheesedog, ate by the stairs, and for me i loved every moment that we spent drowned out in the sea of strangers :)

then it was the Pep Squad's turn. whoah! :) they did a number for each month of the year. and we loveloveloved all of them to bits :) argh, i hate writing when am happy, i always come off chessy. i haven't even gotten past three hundred words and i've use a gajillion smilleys and half the essay is the word love. ayayayayayay.

of all the performances, i'd pick october :) because my math100 hottie was there :) haha. theme, if i got it right was Oktoberfest, so they had a long table and a bunch of manginginoms all toting a bottle of your sari-sari store beer. they made music by pounding the table with their bottles and gahd, the percussion freak in me was pleased :) and my hottie was right smack in the center -- yeah, am biased :P

isa pang favorite ko was the drummers' performance. cool talga :) ohwell, andun pala ulet si math100 hottie :P they chanted the UAAP UP cheers -- benta sa crowd! i missed the cheerdance tuloy. haven't ssen it in two years :(

i liked the summer part, too. colorful. and the graduation part. ooh, the sexy cripple men :P benta kay friendcess! and the christmas part. and the two faggots who did adlib in between dress up time. benta! :) i figured -- i loved the entire thing. next year ulet! :)

and you know me -- i get light bulb moments at the weirdest times. yeah like in the Pep Squad show. seeing all them and how much love they had for the Pep Squad -- so thick, you can almost touch it, made me realize how much un-feeling i have become.

i don't know what happened. i have lost all excitement for the big things. i have ceased to be competitive. i lost all feeling. i have become too scared about things. i have lost all appetite for risk. i feel like am fifty. what happened? :o

will write again.


  1. haha omigosh, katc. that math100 hottie you're referring to, haha. i like him, too. or at least if we spotted the same guy. the one in green during the oktoberfest thing?haha.he's such a cutie.wahaha.i hope he wouldn't land on this. anyway, natts told me his name, but due to my very short-term memory, i forgot again. ;P

  2. :)

    *because when you look hard enough, you can/will find a hottie :P


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