Friday, March 18, 2011

How Awesome is 10,015 Hits? :)

We've officially been visited 10, 015 times! What up!

I just want to give a shout out to the very very random people who drop by the blog and take a few minutes to read my two cents worth on also very very random stuff. While I'm very happy just posting entries and "throwing it out to the internet black hole" for release, it gives me a good feeling to know there are other people who appreciate the writing.

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I was really wary of the comments in the chatbox before. Some of the links were pretty weird so I started thinking that "robots" aka spammers have infested my chat box. But after a few kind words from some very patient readers, who were very gracious to post hi's, hello's and some very nice things about the blog, I am now convinced I have real, actual people readers! Trust issues? Hahaha!

Also, my friend PV (Hello you! So you'll feel special when you drop by here again :) Lemme know it it's okay to reveal you identity here hahaha) gave me some blog "audience" advice. He said to talk back to the readers who take time to post greetings on the chatbox. So if and when I become an "international blogging sensation" *cough in the next 2 years cough* (dreams are free so, dream big yeah?) I have this guy to thank for teaching me to "talk to my audience" :)

As a first time effort, I'm saying hello to Anne, Cynthia, Sophia,  Drew Ranger and Blogobo from the chat box! Cheers to you guys who appreciate the quirky and the weird! Hahaha. Let's keep this blog online longer, shall we?

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