Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovely Day, Ugly Feeling

I skipped work today due to light fever and a nagging cough. Yesterday, I went home early due to light fever and a splitting headache. I feel a little off skipping work because I just came from a 4-day work leave to for my Bangkok vacation. Feeling like an unprofessional notwithstanding, I cannot find the energy in me to go to work.

The feeling is ugly. It's a lovely sunshiny day outside, a full day with endless possibilities, yet I choose to stay in and nurse this small sickness. I have so much work backlog, partly from bad time management, but I'd also like to think, largely because of the very large scope of my job. I get dizzy thinking about all the work to do. It doesn't help that all I've been getting this week are bad news from everywhere.

I think my head is spinning in part because of the upcoming events this Thursday and Saturday. And just like the past 2 years, I have no one but myself to run to, and well, to berate, when things go awry. I just want to throw it out there... it is REALLY VERY TIRING.

But because this is real life, adults can't just run away and forget about it. Well, technically I can, but just the thought of the chaos (and the world of pain -- bad blood and all) it will bring me, I know the smart decision is to choose not to. I will have to clean up the messes (is there a plural for 'mess'?) and soldier on til it's clean enough to exit.

Oh, real life.

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