Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Couch Potato Picks

A huge chunk of my life is spent watching television. As a kid, I remember getting headaches from being in front of the tube for unbelievable amounts of time. Being an only child with little interest in spending idle time outdoors, the TV was an indispensable appliance for me. 

My TV love affair started with Baywatch. I remember as a 7-year old, Friday nights were all about Mitch and his son and his awesome crew of scantily clad women and boys with rock-hard abs. Then there was Saved by the Bell with Zach and Slater and Jesse and Lisa Turtle. Then came Alex Mack the wonder kid doused with GC 161. Gad, was I crazy in love with that show! I must say kids my age are pretty lucky with awesome shows back in grade school.

And then I discovered the joys of witty dialogues and smart plots courtesy of downloaded TV! My life's never been better :p I am writing this entry to pay homage to the shows that make me love TV like anything. Here's a rundown of the shows that I love with a passion.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is the first show I gave dedicated hard drive space to. I started watching in late 06 when Rach introduced Ted and the gang to P and me. It was love at first watch! I remember getting 10 episodes from Rach and greedily watching all in one night. Once I slept at 2 in the morning to finish all the eps I got from Rach, choosing HIMYM over studying for a quiz in sales class. Suffice if to say, not only was I groggy the rest of the following day, I also flunked the quiz. BUT I had this stupid grin the whole day from remembering Barney's catch phrases. Good times!

HIMYM is especially close to my heart because it tided me through a lot of bad times. I would have bad days, bad weeks, and bad months when all I look would forward to was catching the latest episode. Yeah, my life got really lame sometime in my very recent history. At some point, in some twisted way I was living vicariously through Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney.

I loved the show so much I know I have seen all episodes from seasons 1 to 4 AT LEAST twice. The clincher being me laughing with as much gusto on the punch lines on the second, third, and fourth watch! Like seriously. AND AND, I have crazy-memorized the episodes. Give me a random HIMYM moment and I will name that episode! Try me!

Now HIMYM is on season 5 and it's not as badass as the first 2 seasons. It's seriously been downhill since season 4 and it's sad. But with the history I share with this show, my love is the kind where I think I'd still keep watching even it gets really crappy. Now that's love! :p

Modern Family
Modern Fam is one of the new shows I'm getting seriously into. I read about plugs for the show in the launch of Fall Season TV last year. Plot looked promising but the mock-cumentary set up kinda got me off. It looked boring. UNTIL my first episode.

This show is off the hook! Crazy-funny and I must say, never a so-so episode since ep1! It's the kind of comedy that banks on the queasy and the awkward it's-funny-cos-it's-not-happening-to-me kinda way. The characters are adorable and the set up is genius. I never thought I'd laugh this hard watching TV alone in my room. Now THIS is awesome TV.

Cougar Town
Cougar Town I watched because Courtney Cox was there. I never thought I'd like it this much. I even remember putting up a Facebook status saying after 2 eps I kinda wanna give the show up. I was watching just because of Courtney and the show wasn't bringing in the laughs.

It was a good thing a stuck it out. Now more than funny, I find it endearing. I love the show the way I loved Lipstick Jungle, you know how you get all too tangled up with the characters' lives and the friendships in the show warm your heart and make you smile. I love Jules (Courtney Cox) and how she's all that but she's unsure and unassuming. I seriously want my own Ellie person. Sarcasm really is my thing and the witty exhanges between Jules and Ellie have hands down really got me hooked.

30Rock is one of my newest shows. It started all the way back in 2007 and I only started watching last week. I'm on Season 1 and hey, I am 4 seasons delayed! :p But the show's crazy good I'm good with all the eye bags that comes with all the puyat from catching up.

 I've always wanted to watch this show. Well for one, everyone's been raving about how the show's really good and witty and funny. Plus, it has a number of Emmy's and Globes' for its three-season run. The show was a sleeper-hit much like HIMYM and I think the kid in me with esteem issues tends to go for underdogs with potential (Oh, life issue right there! Hahaha!)


Blanche gave me the full first season and a warning that it will take time/ a few episodes before I get into the show's groove. 2 eps and I was getting pressured cos I wasn't laughing. I was like, how come everyone says it's SUPER good and what, I'm NOT getting it? And then episode 3 and the pseudo-lesbian date and the jab on a single 30-something's life, and I'm hooked. I'll say it again, Liz Lemon, you're my new betch! <3

The characters are also all well-rounded and well-developed they feel like real, actual people. They're all funny in their own way and quirky and weird in the right kinda way. I totally want my own "Pete." Pete is Liz' male co-worker who grooves at her level but they share no sexual tension. Like a gay best friend but straight. This show is the shiz.

Today I get Season 2 from Blanche! <3

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