Monday, May 24, 2010

Screen grab and transcript credit:

Liz: There's alcohol in that sauce. You've been drinking alochol.
Floyd: Tryin' to get me drunk? Squeezing in one las drive at Six Floyds Amusement Park? Well, we're closed. Sorry.
Liz: No, Floyd. I just wanted you to get food poisoning to mess up your Today Show thing. Look, you're drunk. It's my fault. Let's get you back to the hotel.
Floyd: No. I would never do that to you! Get you drunk on salmon? Or any fish! I thought we cared about each other.
Liz: yeah, I did, too! I thought the only thing keeping us apart was that you wanted to live in Cleveland but you'll move to New York for Kaitlin!
Floyd: Yeah, I will! You know why? One: BLONDE! Two: She's alive! Like a deer! She runs, and sniffs, and jumps, and stares! She's not like the badger with its glasses and its rules about week-day sex.
Liz: Those are good rules. People have work in the morning!

Floyd: How are you still single, Liz? There's so many guys out there that wanna be poisoned and yelled at!
Liz: yeah, well... have a good night. Enjoy your salmon. 

30 Rock, 4x16 Floyd


Frickin stings.

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