Monday, May 24, 2010

This Jimmy Fallon phase is insane. Oh yes, still not over. And much as I am embarrassed to admit, on crazy repeat on my VLC player is Fever Pitch and the SNL special Best of Jimmy Fallon. I am cringing as I type this. Even in this insane state of the weird phase, my brain still recognizes the stupidity of all this. Heehee.

Anyhoo, after all those disclaimers, we still see plastered at the top of this post a Jimmy Fallon photo. Yehess, taken from Fever Pitch by a kind Jimmy Fallon fan on Tumblr, which I um, filched.

This hands down is my favorite scene from Fever Pitch :) Yeah, the movie was a drag, yeah the plot was ~meh, and Jimmy Fallon saw better days on SNL acting-wise, BUT it's Jimmy Fallon! That probably didn't make any sense, but yeah, at least in my head that's how it works. Hahaha.

This scene was when Ben Wrightman, the Jimmy Fallon character, wanted Lindsey, the Drew Barrymore character, back. Ben blew it with Lindsey when after spending a really nice evening together,  Ben threw a fit when he found out he missed an historic game of the Red Sox. Lindsey naturally was hurt at finding out how much of a massive tool Ben was. Ben, after realizing how much of an idiot he is trooped to Lindsey's to apologize and ask for her back.

With the tears on Ben's face in this photo, you know Lindsey didn't want her back anymore. She told him off and poor little boy cried. I loved Jimmy in this scene. It was like having your heart broken too as you watch him cry. Aww.

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