Thursday, February 15, 2007

one-two punch

i hate it that girls are emotional and gullible. i hate that i am a girl with so much issues. i hate it more that i am emotional and gullible. hay. buhay. hassle.

you need to step up, dude. shape up. excuses suck -- so don't use them. at the end of the day, you will be accountable for the things you failed to do -- which you should've done in the first place. don't wait for the time that you'll look back and be sorry because you were too busy wallowing in shallow issues you pretty much f*ed up evertyhing. again, if i need to tell me a gajillion more times -- shape up.

you know how much you hate excuses for non-performance. if you don't get you arse working, i can pretty much bet all the entries here that you're gonna pull your hair hating yourself in no time. so.. do what has to be done. NOW!


  1. abah dear, ako ba yang kausap mo jan? hehe

  2. what an entry for valentines' ;)

  3. han -- did i hit home? :P
    i was soo feeling crappy. had to say it. emo-angsty -- just has to come out :P

  4. yes kat -- kelangan me cynical whatever on valentines :P
    kase di pwede lahat mushy! :P


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