Monday, February 05, 2007

what two exams did to me

my entire weekend was a blur. pare sabaw. haven't done anything productive. saturday, woke up late then went dumdeedumdeedum the entire day. ooh, i remember! woke up to tet's message about sms-ing him if am up. a few minutes after, got a call from him. yeah, my saturday was happy :)

pretty much spent all the hours after lunch in front of the pc doing stuff -- well things i was deprived of during exams (like wasted time :P) took a bath at 3, then at 4p was off to the doctor. had my eyes checked because i was kinda fretting about the big headache the night before. happily, they turned out pretty normal. what i found out though was that -- doctors are hot :) just a random thought: smart men are really hot. i'd choose someone that's smart-hot than someone thas hot-hot any given day. (ooh, and by smart-hot, i mean cute, too! :P) there's just something about men who know what they are doing (well, like doctors.) i've been told alotta times about my personality being very dominat and that i need someone that has character that will overpower mine -- and i think the smart guy can do the trick :)

evening went with Mahal to Sammy's wake. saw all the other high school kids who were there and hmmm... some things never change. the high school ribbing was all over the place, it was really weird hearing all of those over again. it's been three years, and i just think am not used to it anymore -- it was fun though. i just think college (hhmm.. my college :P) is different -- waaaaay different.

then today! :) ata and kuya rojs' house blessing :)

we're off to sugartowne at 10a. came for lunch, but we were pretty early. we came ahead of Father, haha. their houe was really puhreetty! :) it's small and compact, perfect for newly-weds. hay, makes me wanna get my own house, too! the foto above is us eating around the time The Buzz was showing. mehn, we were eating all day! :) it was really fun. haven't spent some QT with them in a long time narin. (more fotos at >>
this weekend was sloth at it's finest :) haha. the break i have been soo longing for since i started reviewing for HR :P next week, bakbakan na naman.

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