Sunday, February 04, 2007

i should be reading for marketing now...

but yeah, somehow i feel like deserve a big break since i came from these two exams -- and i really did study. and by studied i mean memorized, read til my eyes were sore, and ignored huge, splitting headaches. so un-me. it's weird that i am weirded out that i studied - because 1) this is college and by default i should be working my arse off every single time and 2) i don't know, because i really should be studying? haha. my world is maaad. . gahd, this entire week was a freakin' hard test of my ADD.

wla lang, just had to say that. the entire week of puyat is killing me. i think my sytem went bonkers cos my splitting headache from last night was something. i think we're off to the doctor later to see. am just glad i was able to sleep long today :)

moving to the emo...
passing by the sunken garden the past few days on my way home made me reallly miss it. walking past it reminds me of the afternoons we spent there just watching people -- couples cudding, sweaty soccer and frisbee players running, and all sorts of vendors trying to sell you things.i miss the laid back feel of the entire thing. we sit there talking about anything with the cold air sweeping us. sometimes we sit in silence -- and i loved it better. i love it that i can be comfortably silent and still know am not boring him. i miss those times.

i don't know if i had more time before because i had fewer school things to work on OR that i had pleenty of schoolwork and i just didn't care. OR maybe i just find time. ah, the old times. the thought makes me smile :)

someone sit with me at the sunken garden one time. please :)

PS. am loving the laidback look of this new template :)


  1. my class ends at 4 everyday.. maybe we could mit and ill sit w/ you sa sunken =p

    nakoooo how did you do on econ lt2??? MY GOLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. i need you my feel-good perky seazmateee

  2. my class ends at 7p though :P thas the sad part...


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