Monday, February 19, 2007

after eveyone else..

i finally saw Night at the Museum last Saturday. because it's super late, we had to see it SM davao. NOT. we saw it Megamall -- where half of the Filipino population was, that exact same saturday with us. we were brought to the cinema by the sea of people moving different directions. before i get to the movie, which isn't really a lot, let's get to the side-stories :P

i kinda insisted on driving to Mega. i was trying to get over my weird trauma from that freaky incident over the holiday -- alam mo yun, operating on the premise na the more i drive, the more indifferent i'll get about the trauma. anyway, i kinda felt it wasn't a good idea, cos my mum hates it when my dad turns into Backseat Driver from Hell. which he by the way did -- so yeah, just as i thought it to be, the night started out wrong. they were dissing each other like a high school couple on cool off. but yeah, a few tricks from Ben Stiller and they're friends again.

the movie wasn't brilliant. err.. it wasn't even engaging. but i like funny men, so yeah.. Ben Stiller got me. and his little son, such a darling :) the little boy was deadringer for that other little boy who played Peter Pan. long lashes, pink cheeks, and that adorable little boy air. and and.. the other boy that stopped me from sleeping -- Owen Wilson (and his broken nose.) that one is a hands-down darling :) so yeah, i guess from the look of it -- with the movie review all about the cute boys they packed in there, F.L.O.P. and thats in all caps. i figured i should've seen The Holiday with Rach, but naisip ko rin, i might get all too depressed seeing Jude Law canoodling some babe -- that and the happy couples and that thing about love. this week is my i-am-highly-volatile-dont-mention-anything-or-i-might-get-depressed :P

isa pa...after everyone, including the random talipapa vendor, has raved about the fluffy doughnut -- i just bit into my first Krispy Kreme last night. nothing spectacular really, lemme think -- it was good. what else do i say. ooh, it's mahal :P
my birthday's in two days! :P i need friends to greet me :) twenty's old -- cheer me up :P

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