Thursday, April 05, 2007

LV's in

had my first decent sleep last night -- the first in... dude, i can't even remember. and my first leisurely bath (operative word: leisurely and NOT bath, haha defensive) in four days. we've been camping at Gia's and Paolo's for as long as i've given up my weekends as rest days. and no, am not exactly complaning :)

today officially marks the start of my (short, very short) break :) woot! *confetti falls* went out with Mum and had dinner with the family (which is basically just us plus Dad :P). hay, that'ts the life, dude :) shop and eat out. i live for this stuff. haha :P

going through the motions of the day, i was kinda looking back at all those nights spent working, blurred into just consecutive hours and basically just defined by our deadlines. i figured, looking back at everything now, i think what we were able to do was amazing. seriously :) when i try to remember the events of our last day, natatawa nalang ako. poopy, sleepy, half-dead, closing in on a blank wall, and seriously working against time --thas us. huwow, ang poetic -- this is why i love tension, haha.

more on that later nalang -- like next post :P today's a happy day for a lot of things -- sleep, the real kind :P, Razon's halo halo hay, new hair!, nice peds, black shiny maryjanes, baked prawns yum!, and mango bravo!

is pang random happy though: wifi connection sa Stanford ont eh 9th! :D wee!

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