Saturday, March 31, 2007

some wish list

random things swimming inside my head:
  • sleep. loooong sleep -- with no one bugging me to get up cos it's lunchtime and how it's so wrong to be spending half the day in bed. yes, and waking up to happy people who don't take it against me that i spent some QT with my bed that i haven't been seeing since mid-Feb.
  • more time. to work on the remaining friggin requirements i still need to finish and pass for the next four days. i need to deliver, and deliver some smashing work -- and smashing isn't only a function of a bright mind. smashing is also a function of time (pleeenty of time) and a good mood to boot. hay, why is smashing beginning to sound to me like elusive. answer anyone?
  • wit. i hate it that minsan nabo-bobo narin ako sa sarili kong jokes. wit, wisdom, and brevity -- i will be the happiest :)
  • why am i always in wanting. yun yun eh. (pasira sa aking "outline" -- but what the heck)
  • shopping. take me somewhere where there are pretty frilly clothes and nice comfy flats and slippers for walking and white Chucks with the studs and no shoelaces and beautiful leather bags and flashy earrings and every other "chic" ensemble i will need for our upcoming "themed" reports and sports stores with boxing gear and bookstores with all the chic lit i could get my hands on and "smart" reads. aaaa! i can go on and on for the next two years and not stop. yeah, nothing beats materialism -- bwahaha! :P (cos when all else fails, succumbing to earthly pleasures is a good way to make your earthly self waaaay better :P) don't forget my moolah, too. lotsa lots! :) ooh, one last -- friendly sales ladies who look for the stuff you want with a smile, and puhleeaase, send me non-clingy, non-bug-gy ones :)
  • emotional stability. nuff said :P
  • backbone to stand up for the things that should be done. am kinda happy somehow that i don't feel all good. cos something's wrong. but it's never enough to just have this feeling crawling down your spine -- cos it's something else to be doing something about it.
  • a car. may not be new, cos of the panic attack i get when i know there's so much at stake with the teeniest scratch. (howell, a new one wont hurt :P CRV 3G, anyone? *drool*) that, or more driving privileges. i hate it that too many pervs are out in the streets (or the jeeps for that matter) lurking and preying on anyone in panties. get a life losers! at least when am ensconced in the privacy of the driver's seat, my concern is not scratching my "baby" -- well, that and the bastards *understatement pa to* of friggin jeepney drivers. is that a good thing? :P

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