Thursday, March 29, 2007

indifference is not an option

yeah, i know. reading from that title, it is v. easy to take take the high road and act cool about this. to end up being preachy, goody-two-shoes, and pretend to have a high ground over this.

because no -- i do not. i have not one grain of moral high ground to say anything about indifference. but yeah, this is my space -- screw you, i still will :P

i have been the walking ad campaign for indifference -- just don't ask me how ( i know the answer to that) OR why (that i have no idea, err.. i kinda do but can't make up mind). i have been goin on with my purdy life, dong what i want to do (and well, needless to say -- but you know me, i still will :P not doing things i KNOW i have to). good. NOT. of course not. screw whatever bubble that is flying over my head that says to each his own. no, does not apply.

the point of this entire babbling is that, there are things we do (or not do) that mean nothing to us but mean so much to other people. a pat on the back, lame small talk, a random unexpected compliment, maybe a hug -- things that tell this other being someone cares about you. you can throw you tomatoes at me now -- but yeah, i'll still stand my ground. eew, that was cheesy -- but still.

everyone could use a compliment. and it wouldn't hurt to say something nice - for a change :) go.

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