Monday, March 26, 2007

life nuggets

  • playing in the background is Akon's Don't Matter. ang ghetto, title palang :P haha. given that it's Akon, and he's black, and his past songs are hiphop-ish and club-sounding, this one's refreshing. it has this weird Jamaican feel, parang reggae-ish and zen-like. alavet :) just got my own at Limewire this afternoon, lovelovelove it. earcandy :) -- nobody wanna see us together, but it don't matter no. cos i got you. nobody wanna see us together, but it don't matter no. cos we goin fight for our right to lovin. the words don't really make sense to me, well cos Akon sounds to me like someone with v. poor grammatical foundation, and yeah at this time of my life, am not such a fan of mush. it's da sound man. goood :)
  • Econ's on Tuesday and i haven't gotten myself to read any one of the three(?) chapters am supposed to (read verb used) pore over. coverage is IS-LM curve + Mundell-Fleming model + Sir's additional big picture lecture. hay. i need to curb that ADD habit. wuh. note to self: stay put.
  • caught 300 with my dad Saturday night. hrmm. got into the movie house feeling numb, and two seconds later pretty apprehensive cos i was thinking i wasn't really in the mood for action -- and well, gore. it was for good reason the movie got an R-13. there was this weird monster licking the life out of this teenager. major eew. two seconds after Leonidas engages his wife into some send-off moochie coochie. then i figured, i was wishing i was twelve and wasn't let into the theater. then the blood and gore part -- the boys had really fab abs, and for a good few minutes i was ashamed of myself for not being at least trim. they put the ab in fab :) but yeah, the movie had a story -- sorry your shallow blogger kinda got too immersed in the visuals :P i think i will still have to write about 300 winner lines in yet another entry. my dad didn't very much like it though. fell short of his action-movie happiness scale or something. too videogame-ish for him.
  • and you, just when i kinda figured out for myself that i like you because you're fun company, you go around me and make me feel you like me -- a little too much. just when did you start caring. when did you learn to read my mind. when have you gotten over your pride issues and learned to make others feel cared for. when did you start making it a point to make me feel like i matter. howell, like every phase, this too shall pass. *crosses fingers*


  1. oohh...i so love akon's songs... grabe... stress reliever to me. so much!!! :P

    and for the 300 thing, grrr... i have yet to see that!!! :(

    anyway, i realized, i've been checking this blog na for a couple of days lareday and been commenting na rin. haha... for now lang yan. ganito talaga, when i'm trying to divert my attention from the sickening acads. ahven't studied for 152 :P

  2. i passsssed ecownnnnnnnn. not with flying colors, but i dont careeeeeee. i passed!!!!! i literally did not study for that last exam, and i got 18 correct guesses!!!! wuhhoooooooo! =p

    how did you do? :D


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