Thursday, April 19, 2007

what now...

am not really supposed to be writing now. i actually have to be reading like 100++ pages for PI and that darn thing for Socio which i can't understand even after two attempts (heck, who really cares about the difference about individual and subject -- does anyone even know the dif?, it doesnt solve the hunger problem in Africaaaa). but yeah, am here in front of the tube, giving in to this "need" to write.

i came home from the land of the intsek about five days ago from a super vacation and when i say i can't/won't write, i din't. the sweltering heat of this summer and the bummer classes i have to take put these starting blog entry lines inside my head, but they weren't compelling enough to make me write. and yeah, i found her -- and now am writing? wt*? okay, there isn't supposed to be an expletive -- hmm, what the.. heck.

gahd, my non-issues. repeat after me: non-issues. but geez, why do i still get this feeling welling up inside my tummy. darn thing, you should be gone by now, you know. shiyet, i feel so pathetic. sticking with the no expletives entries -- ay, walang alternative to that. gimme one expletive for this :P pwede isa pa -- shiyeeeet.

hay, this too shall pass. dyosko, siguro naman *fingers crossed* in two months time when i say that, i will with conviction. anyway, today my crush sat beside me in class. i was on my way to the room and he was outside. asked him if people were inside and he just said yes, before i knew it he was behind me and somehow found his way to that chair beside mine. and yeah, he did that arm brush again asking me if i already saw this lame movie. gahd, i feel so hot with the lame attempt at a conversation :p haha. if that is any consolation.

Aaaaaa! may please ask one last question before i go -- why do people have emotions again?

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