Sunday, February 25, 2007

isang tulog na lang... econ naaaaaa.

the banner for today is healthy eating. *snickers*

i so know am not someone who has healthy eating habits, but dude, today's foodie lineup was something. breakfast was chips ahoy, nakuha ko lang sa foodie basket. then too hungry after that four-hour class (wt*? four hours?) grabbed cello's -- too rich, kakapagod nguyain. i don't know what happened but hindi sha masarap today. the dough wasn't exciting, tiring actually. ask me what lunch was -- went by mcdo and got fries and nuggets. ooh, plus vanilla sundae. huwow pare, healthy kung healthy. then dinner, chicken fillet swimming in two gajillion gallons of oil. ha, i feel so healthy. NOT.

delaying tactics bago mag-aral.

i wanna quit cramming for exams -- but i just can't. there's this weird phenomenon na my productivity is at it's highest a day before the friggin' test. hay. God knows i try to read in advance, but nothings gets in. well, at least thas as far as i know :P

hay. buhaaay.

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