Saturday, February 24, 2007


natatae nko sa econ. wuh, sunday is one day away. kamote yang mga graphs and curves na yan.

i was at the econ lib earlier and i started reading at *drumroll* -- 12.30p. can you believe it, thas just 30mins after my econ lecture. 30mins was just how long i spent eating my (
free from mum) sausage mcmuffin with egg, that was only how long my lunch break was, and 30mins after the econ lecture was just how eearleh i started my 5-hour break.

the things i read -- they just dont get it. darn you
Mankiw. look at what you did. i loveD econ, i really did. and now, kamote, struggle na. dude, i was reading for four friggin straight hours and i cant get past chapter eight. anubayan! argh, what can my poor memory do? :0

on a happy note, we won jeopardy in Law class earlier :) courtesy of Gia's group with Kat, Louie, and Rach. i looove winning :) kebs sa prize, ansarap ng win high :)

some Harry Potter-wannabe+me+the black and white girls+goodies from goldi :)

i said i'd know when am over only after that
now i know --i know am not

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