Friday, April 02, 2010

White screen of death (?) among other things on Staycation

Yesterday was Day 1 of this year's Holy Week Staycation. Day started out pretty good -- woke up at 12nn fresh from a Chuck Season 2 marathon that ended at 5AM, lazy day of lounging in the house, some FRIENDS episodes and quick errand run, then yummy pizza dinner, and to cap the day off, The Blind Side.

We were all psyched about watching The Blind side. We set up the projector in the parental's room, we set the aircon to very high (although that was a bit disappointing cos it wasn't as cold as we wanted, but I digress), pillows and blankets, the works AND for once food was allowed in!

It was a good plan. Until 40 minutes into the movie, the Macbook conked out. The screen froze. I thought it was just a regular VLC glitch, so I tried repairing it the regular way, turn off VLC and then turn on again. Still didn't work so I manually turned off the computer.

I turned it on again and then to my horror, I was met with a white screen that wouldn't go away.

I must've restarted at least 10 times. TO NO AVAIL :|

The internet is a black hole of scary possibilities. One forum said, possibly a hard drive drive failure. Another said, possibly irreparrable.


Dear God, please make it run again and please make my files accessible. Please. Please make it work when I pop in the Leopard installer. Please make it reboot and make it work like before. I will back up once it's running again. I cannot afford to lose all my files now :c

On other news, on top of my work files, I am most concerned about my Chuck Season 3 folder. I just finished Season 2 Wednesday night and my mind was blown from the awesomeness. Season 3 is calling me. And now, all my files are possibly gone along with most of my TV shows. Oh dear Lord, please make it work.

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