Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a Sad Day, It's Bye Bye BKK Day

I am sitting by my lonesome in an almost empty hotel room, waiting for Mum to call me to go down to bring the stuff. Yes folks, it's the last day of the Bkk vacay (hey, that rhymes!) and while a Friday is always something to be thankful for (at least when you're on your ass 9 to 5 -- or in my case, 8 to 6 -- on a regular work day) today it's a bit different. Today we leave to fly back to the Philippines -- or as the Thai call it, Filipin.

It's been an awesome 4 days of broken English, hand/sign language and a motley of different feelings ranging from fascination, exhaustion, a little bit of frustration sometimes, but since it's my first time here, mostly excitement at the next "attraction".

We've been duped by a taxi driver, "flew" on tuktuk and walked and walked til our lower backs gave up. I've haggled like a heartless person, giggled at the funny way the locals talk, made some pretty stupid purchases and and... wore my cross trainers with jeans -- so yeah, I guess we've had the "full" tourist experience. Today we bid Bkk bye bye. I am to be leaving but also happy to be coming home. Yeah, and other funny crap like that.

Full Bkk photoblog soon! (Or at least when my free sked and writing hand agree at a time) Hee. Here's a snippet of what's to come (mostly photos of me, hahaha) in  "the" photoblog.

Pretty Thai girl (with pretty Pinay friend, hahaha)

Laterz, Asian brothers from another mother! Khap kun kha!

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