Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chuck in Limbo

I stumbled on this USA Today survey (Take the survey and help save Chuck!) asking respondents to comment on shows that are 'on the bubble'. It lists shows from different networks and asks you whether to "keep", "drop", or "don't care". Sadly, the awesome show that is Chuck, is in limbo for a fourth season.

The geeky fan in me got the better of me and I immediately took the survey with the hopes of sharing in saving Chuck. The geekiness doesn't stop there. Here's a declaration of my undying love for the show. Who knows, geek might get published in the article in USA Today for the results!


Please let Chuck stay! I know I am not alone in saying that there is so much love going around for Chuck. 3 seasons just isn't enough awesomeness for the show! We need it to run a fourth season! Heck, I hope it does a Big Bang Theory and gets picked up for 2 seasons so we don't have to go through the distress of guessing whether or not Chuck would come back.

Chuck is a phenomenal show. Maybe it doesn't bring in as much numbers as say, Dancing with the Stars, but I know for a fact this show has amazing fans, willing to give an arm and a leg to keep Chuck. Let us let the amazing show Chuck rock TV one more season. You have a good show in your hands, and you have amazing people who believe it. Make it run one more season and we'll show more people how awesome this show is. Dear NBC execs who hold the fate of Chuck in their hands, please do TV a whole lot of good, let's please keep Chuck on the air.

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