Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Berating Self: Online Edition

I write so I remember - I say on the blurb of this blog. Now, I am writing so I remember.. to do. I've been meaning to do many many many things. But as all things you *should* do go, well, they don't get done (by me, hehe.)

This is me berating myself online to remind me of things I should be doing (because I promised myself I would) but am not doing. Self frustrations in 3..2..

I have been meaning to run since March. Heck, I have been meaning to run when the year started last January! And then it got pushed to February, for my birthday. And then to March, because I never got around to it in February. And now April -- because it feels like the last chance to get started. My vision board says I ought to be running 21K's come July 2012 -- that's assuming I picked up after myself and actually went on program July of 2011. But I didn't. So here I am, 3 months away from my target 21K, not even sure if my lungs can keep up with a measly 5K.

Not cool, self. Not cool. So what to do now?

Ang aking running peg - bra top and fierce ponytail

I actually jumpstarted running yesterday. Mum forcibly got me out of bed at 630AM and successfully got me to run with her in the village basketball court. That we stopped 20mins into it notwithstanding, the important thing being that I STARTED running again.

Now the clincher is today. Whether I can haul my ass outta bed for the second day. The verdict? A big fat NO. Just when I realized full well that the secret to good, sustainable behavior is consistency. Not big fancy ceremonies for when you start -- but the dirty second day. The question lies on whether you can repeat it again and again and again until it becomes the normal.

So running is a big fat flop. I can always try again tomorrow. Hello self, 21K?

Waking Up at 5AM
I wrote a few days ago about a habit I read in  the wonderful book by Robin Sharma "The Leader Without a Title." The book suggests that leaders wake up at 5AM EVERYDAY, and have longer, more productive days than the rest of the population.

Photo credit: 5am Sky alternative by Jay photo

In all fairness to the book, it admits that starting your day at 5AM is NOT easy. It actually even went on to say that the first week will be the hardest. It admits that some people who started the practice of waking up at 5AM were cranky and unhappy in the first week. But it also promises that just after 40 days of consistently waking up at 5AM, it becomes a default.

I want that default. I want to be that person with a longer, more productive day than the rest. But my Day 1 of the "40 Day Wake Up at 5AM Challenge" keeps getting pushed back.

Another day, another dollar. Tomorrow day 1, yes?

Hello self. Running and waking up at 5AM. Game?

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