Monday, April 02, 2012

Why I Love Nick Miller

I was on the fence when New Girl started. In fact, I almost didn't continue watching. I remember deleting the first 2 eps -- for me it didn't merit a folder in my TV files (haha, I'm snooty like that). And then somehow, somewhere along episode 3, things turned around.

I guess the show picked up it's groove and New Girl grew on me. Suddenly, the humor clicked with me, the characters became extra endearing, and the story seemed to resonate so much with me.

And then my love affair with Nick Miller happened :)
(haha natawa naman ako, kala mo real life lang!

New Girl's Nick Miller and his "take me seriously" look

Nick Miller, Why Do I Love Thee?
Nick Miller, former law school student, 3 months away from a law degree, is a bartender. He dropped out of law school and  the elusive law degree has been a sore issue since. Of the 3 boys in the New Girl house, he's the blandest personality-wise, least alpha male-ish, and most emotionally in-tune. He also has the most emotional baggage, the most personal issues, and the most regrets. But I love him anyway :)

There's something about Nick Miller that resonates so well with me. He's like a fictional version of all the ghosts inside my head. He's the uncertain, jaded voice inside my head that quietly tells me why things are not possible. He's the insecure grown up that is scared of the future. He feels like that devil's advocate inside my head in that adorable, scruffy, and disarmingly cute package.

He puts to words things I dare not say out loud - heck, even things I dare not let enter my mind in thought. In the "Bells" episode, I was squirming while watching that scene with him and Winston. Nick and Schmidt were fighting in the episode because Schmidt wants to use his disposable income to ensure a functioning apartment while Nick was being all sore about being poor and insisting on trying to do the apartment repairs himself. At the peak of the childish fight, Nick retreats to the roof and has this weird/endearing conversation with Winston. There's something about this conversation that hit home so hard:

Nick: You know what sucks about getting older? Your friends have known you for way too long.They've got too much on ya. I want friends who still lie to me cos they don't want to hurt my feelings. I sadly kinda mean that.
Winston: What happened to us, man? We used to be so cool. I was gonna play basketball and be a gazillionaire.     
I guess Nick is the 30 year old person I never want to be. But he's cute and scruffy and charming and inviting - much like how doing nothing and letting go and letting things just "happen to you" is cute and charming and inviting. Nick Miller is so promising just as I feel as I am promising. But I guess he brings to the fore, and very clearly at that, the kind of 30 year old I don't want to be.

I love Nick Miller for being whiny and full of regrets and charming and his own brand of cute. I love Nick Miller for showing me what I kind of 30-year-old I should NOT be.

P.S. I also love Nick Miller for showing me the kind of scruffy that I like :p

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