Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures of She

It was a KFC buzzing with a handful of people. The aircon inside was freezing, stark against the sticky summer air outside. She made her way to a table which was probably a good twenty steps from the door. She wanted to talk to Ton to get a file from Ton's computer. As She approached, He started to look tensed. He looked a little panicked when He realized She was headed to His table. She was about 5 steps away when He realized She was there for Ton.

Somewhere along the conversation, He offered to lend Her his thumb drive. Ton introduced them, She met Him, He met Her. Awkward hello's.


It was one rainy Thursday evening in KFC (again). He was seated in the table by the door, She was seated in the table awkwardly angled with Her right side to Him. There was a space, where the tables part leading to the counter and another row of tables between His table and Her table. He was minding his thing, She was minding hers, while quietly stealing glances His way.

Not long after, Her friends started filling the seats in the table between them. He was on the phone, She was trying to crane her neck to steal glances His way. It was awkward, She'd look at His face for a few quick seconds and quickly look away. She didn't want Him to catch Her eye. Then it happened.

She slowly looked His way expecting to graze His face with her eyes, look at His cute little eyebrows, steal a glance of his perfect, beautiful hands, and then look away. But this time, Her eyes were met by His.

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