Sunday, August 03, 2008

Grown up decision #1 and other concerns

It's been a struggle really -- between the heat at home and that teeny flicker of hope in my heart that all I need is a little more decent time to find square one of my (big badass) career, here or in another country. It's a tiring waiting game, and even if I say patience is my best virtue, it still gets to me. And then I get this phone call and then all of a sudden I have a clear option.

Second interview and I am an hour late. I would like to think this is uncharacteristic of me, but moving out of the shadow of being late rather unsuccessfully, gets in the way. I get interviewed by this guy who kinda scared me I forgot that he was actually missing some teeth. I was a bit shaken and I guess it showed for a while that he was able to successfully intimidate me. He got to throw things at me like, "Whatever happened to focus?" and "What is wrong with you UP people?" (btw, he, incidentally, is from Ateneo) and most importantly, "I am NOT an easy boss. I have 20 years of marketing experience to back me up and that is what you have to contend with."

And the kid sits there like a drowning duckling, flailing like crazy. Not good -- or so I thought. Amazingly, I got an offer.

Yes and no never felt this difficult. On the one hand, I get a job. But not less than a year in a job that will eat up all my Saturdays, pretty much my entire life, I'm not very sure. I wish I was more decisive.


The domestic goddess art and cooking program is still on and my latest creation are yema balls. They're pretty much pastillas, only this time I was able to shape them into decent-looking candies.
kitchen kid
This picture makes them look like oily fishballs on stunted sticks, but they're goood :)


I was trying to look up Avid's project365 multiply the other day and I stumbled upon this site encouraging people to start their own daily a-day-in-the-life-of project. It's an interesting way of chronicling everyday life. All you have to do is take one picture for everyday and post on your blog/personal site.

I missed my camera on our Divisoria day. Sayang, it sure would've been an interesting first post. Anyway, I'll start with a picture of my second batch of blue-clad polvoron. Still as good as the first, but this time in a prettier bright blue wrapper.
kitchen kid


Since when did we become this circus? It is interesting to add that this circus is neither funny nor amusing. Said the kid with many issues.


Nakiki- I-think-I'm-on-the-same-boat lang:

nagging suspicion
Photo credit: PostSecret

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