Monday, January 12, 2009

Drop and Give me 50!

*(A little background story, I started the new year by rocking the stable boat that is my sweet permanent job. More on how my professional decision was turned into an emotional preference on a later post.One more thing, I am rewriting a scratch paper scribble from Saturday -- which means "yesterday" is Friday.)

Yesterday wasn't a good day. I am being given a pseudo-cold treatment and being slowly eased out from the system (understandably, i guess), and my heart is breaking from having happy conversations with people who I have no balls to break the news to. Plus overstretched hamstrings on my right leg are giving me a weird limp. It's an emotional cloudy day and the limp isn't helping. I just knew it was a bad day when even in Combat class, right smack in front of the instructor I have been drooling over for the longest time, the gloomy feeling doesn't go away.

On a totally different note, even in the midst of my sad day, some hot instructor
doing really hot tricep push ups made me smile -- the same one teaching the Combat class, whom I have been drooling over since the day I saw him teach, who oddly looks like my crush from grade 2, and who, sadly, is attracted to boys too. While I was also rejoicing the fact that I am now able to actually do a push up (err, not really -- a half push up, more like it, but yay! still because that is biiiigg improvement from my not-push up three months ago), someone else doing push ups made my day. Is it odd and is it just me? Men doing push ups are just sexy :) Or maybe it makes men look really strong and very much in control. Whichever way it works my psychology, men doing push ups are a way to brighten a sad day :P

Excuse me while I wipe off drool. I'm sorry but the thought of combat boy doing his set is enough to make me smile writing about it. Til next Friday R :P

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