Thursday, February 05, 2009

Katrina is unemployed

It's been 7 days since my last day at the office. And so far, it's been a flurry of Facebook pages, Multiply photos, Avid's comics, and no blog entries for me. I've been itching to get a free day to get to write the many thoughts swimming in my head -- why I decided to leave, the confusion as to whether I made the right decision, if the move was bold or plain stupid, and whatever it is that I want to do now. But 7 days down, no blog entry of deep thought, my room which I've been planning for the longest time to put in order is still a mess, and the contacts my Dad's been asking me to call, are still by the table, untouched. I'm guessing this is my I Am Getting In Touch With The Reality That I Am Unemployed post. Maybe it's high time I get my butt moving.

I think I'm still in my transition bubble. Everything still feels surreal, like the bosses were just kind enough to give everyone a really long weekend, and that's why I'm home. The rest part is still pretty good, I get to sleep til 9 in the morning, and I still don't hear anything from my Mum. Things are laid back and I'm guessing are still a few weeks away from becoming boring. I have trips to the gym to look forward to, I don't know though how long it will stay exciting, but I'm happy to have something to write on my imaginary planner. Things are still easy and nice and there's no pressure. Yet. What kills me is that at the back of my mind, there's this tiny voice telling I am unemployed, in an annoyingly sarcastic way. I can live with it for now -- I just hope I get a job by the time it becomes unbearable.

My parents have been really cool about it, laying off the pressure of me getting a job. They have been really supportive of my decision to leave and very considerate about my "timeout". I am very thankful about how they have been the entire time and I just hope I get things going before anything ugly comes out of it. If I haven't said it enough yet, I really am very thankful.

Anyway, before this becomes sobfest, let's do something um, non-value adding :P Because Katrina is unemployed, she has a ton of time in her hands. Here's how she used her time yesterday: writing 25 random things about herself! And because the attention hog in her can't get enough of it in Facebook, she's reposting it here as well

1. I am very, very (to some point annoyingly) fickle. It takes me very long to decide between which clothes to buy, shoes to wear, what movie to watch, what to order (ask PV, it took me about an hour to pick out dinner at that Vietnamese place), heck even what to write on a profile page.

2. I am very picky eater. I'm not a fan of sauce (on the food or as a dip), I can tolerate very little pasta (maybe a few spoonfuls of carbonara), I eat very little fish, and I dislike vegetables in general. I can eat chicken on a daily basis, though.

3. I think How I Met Your Mother is by far the funniest sitcom. Ever. I've seen all episodes AT LEAST twice and I still find myself genuinely laughing at the punchlines. And I quote heavily from this show -- it helps that not a lot of people watch it yet :P

4. I can still distinctly remember how each of my friends from my high school barkada smelled like. I may have a knack for remembering the way people smell.

5. Impressive communication skills, humor, and easy confidence make my knees weak :P (It wouldn't hurt if your hot with broad shoulders and really nice teeth. Hehe)

6.I have freaky internet stalker skills. Sometimes even I get creeped out at the creativity.

7. I think I write nonfic because my imagination is boring.

8. I miss UP a lot lately.

9. My favorite artist would have to be Avid Liongoren. He is by far the wittiest person I've read. Pop over Project 365 at to see his work :) I am so watching his movie Saving Sally when it comes out!

10. I find men doing pushups really sexy. Err, or maybe you have to at least be remotely attractive for it to be sexy. I don't know, pushups make men look really strong and in control. TMI? Hehe.

11. I miss my best friend a lot. It's just sad he remembers me only when I remember him. Haven't been writing him and sadly, not a letter from his side. It's my birthday in 16 days and I'm crossing my fingers he remembers (I'm not counting on it though).

12. I have been crushing on this instructor who teaches Friday nights. He's really hot and he's good at what he does. He likes boys though so, hohum. He oddly looks like my crush from grade2.

13. I still secretly wish to be a drummer for a band. Is 25 too old to do this?

14. I've always wanted to drive a pick up truck. Throwing it out to the universe: I will be driving one in a year's time. I'd like a shiny black Nissan :)

15. I've been talking to myself a lot lately. Not in the strange demented one-person conversation way, but more of repeating lines from my favorite shows or practicing things I would've to someone, bitchy or otherwise.

16. I keep thinking how things would've been if I joined a theater company in college.

17. I love the scent of vanilla.

18. I gravitate towards people who write well.

19. Window shopping is really fun. Carrying shopping bags wouldn't hurt though :P

20. Sometimes I wish I had siblings. It's always friends or parents for me when I need to talk to someone. Siblings for me are a cross between the two -- easy banter with friends your age and genuine concern of a blood relative. I would've totally been cool if a had a brother and a sister.

21. I really don't like receiving forwarded text mesages. Maybe save for a few ones that are witty or intelligent, that I can forgive. But endless whining about love and how it hurts? Camown.

22. I have bad memory. Totally inconvenient for exams but more inconvenient for when you're having a bad day. My mind chooses the bad things and leaves out the fun parts making for a really, really horrible time. End of the month PMS's are baaaad.

23. On my second year in Business School, I seriously considered shifting to Biology to, wait for it, pursue a career in Medicine. PGH was the delusion of choice. I don't remember how I got over it.

24. The Biology shift reminded me of another um, confusion. In my freshman year in college, I seriously considered becoming a Anthropologist courtesy of the good time I had in Antho 10. (Hello Sir erm, I forgot your name. Son of a famous historian and lugs a huge bag pack all the time). I forgot all about becoming an anthro guy when I learned I'd have to live at least 2 years with a tribe. No thank you, I love my toilet a lot. Hehe.

25. You know Yo cards? They're free postcards with cute pictures or writings you get from those metal stands in malls and eating places. I'm not sure if they have it elsewhere, but the old Eastwood Mall has them. I collect them, I have tons in my cabinet :) If you happen to pass by some, toss them to meeee!

I shall write again :)

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