Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday morning lists

1. It sucks the Starbucks planner is coming in late March pa. Derrrnit, I should've taken my last 3 cups on the same day. Who would've thought a few cups would make a 3(freaking)-month difference? Now my sticker book is sitting by the bar in SB Ewud, maybe gathering dust, and most definitely not getting me my (hoi polloi) planner any time soon. On second thought, I should've just gotten the less expensive planers they sell in Fully Booked. Way cooler because you don't share the design with 20 bajillion other "Starbucks fans" and a little less expensive, you don't get to drink coffee with it though.

2. I just a got a really neat blue notebook last night :) And it was for free cos I (forcibly) asked for it from my Mum's loot. The paper's really nice, thick and smooth. I just have a tiny issue with the lines, they're a little too big. But I got it for free, so yeah, I guess I can forgive that.

3. Dinner later with Rach and Friendcess :) I'll get to see Friendcess finally. We were talking the other day and we figured the last time we saw each other was on her birthday dinner last October. That was a looong time ago, 3 whole months! We get to talk over the phone, but conversations in person are way funner. And Rach, too!

4. I may have to start writing on the blue notebook the things I have to do. I wake in the morning and do bits and pieces of whatever it is that I remember I have to do and it's just disorganized. You're tired at the end of the day but then you think back and figure you didn't really do much. The last thing I need right now is to throw out the window semblances of self-fulfilment out the window. Nuh-uh, cannot afford it. Emotional weather report, I am maybe a few weeks (conservative estimate) from a full-blown emotional crisis. So yeah, I owe it to myself to make the most out of the little successes of the daily grind.

5. I have a lot of books to read. I may have to start dusting them and organizing a read-athon(?)

6. Resolve to blog at least once a week.

7. Friday today :) Today I get to sweat out all the bad stuff and I get to
secretly ogle my favorite person. When you're supposed to look at a person for instructions, how are they supposed to know you're really (scarily) ogling at them? Hehe, I love group classes!

8. I like Facebook a lot.

9. I wish I had a ton of money. My shopping list is super long already, and half of it I don't really need but want anyway,
- I found really nice trainers on sale the other day, it's silver and bluish-green-ish and they're the size/look that I want
- This is wish list anyway, the Nike Shox trainers. They're really pretty, I just don't know if they sit well with my feet. And they're super expensive for non-athlete, sporty wannabes :P
- white Adidas cap on sale for about P200 less. It's the Adidas version of the Dri-Fit I forgot how they call it
- Nylon-spandex sports um, intimate wear? Oh, whatever -- sports bra in hot pink, black, and whiiiite.
- White Puma jacket
- White knit Mango cardigan with really interesting buttons
- dark denims from the RAF line of P&P
- Black top with boobie-ruffles (totally not a new fashion term, i coined it just um, now. Alright fine, they're ruffles on the boobs :P) with the ribbon at the back
- black patent flats from Juan
- ballet flats from Gola, the brown one and they're 10% offfffff. I think, or is it 30? But since I am unemployed and under parental charity, I just feel like it's insensitive fork over money and then ask for allowance when am broke. Pft, grownup.
- Grey knit curvy (i just read in the magazine yesterday, it's really how they're called) cardigan from Promod. And I just walked past the store yesterday and I actually saw this particular jacket, and it's niiice.
- taupe shoulder bag from
- ankle boots from C&K

10. Off to make badass polvoron :) Or as four-year old me would have said it -- pulboron.


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