Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wore my trainers today without socks. Ew. But it worked anyway. I was kinda expecting calluses, but my feet are fine and dandy :) Sshh, this isn't the first time I worked out in trainers without socks :P

It's late and I came home way past the Primetime Bida time (the telenovela marathon care of channel 2 that runs from 7-ish til 10, FYI for the uninitiated) and had Bandila, that 1030PM news, for company while I sorted out wet clothes. I just had to write.

Thought number 1: "You non-polite high school kid". On second thought,
"You non-polite high school kid" -- said the old, unemployed, so not-high school kid. Honestly, the non-polite part just came in cause I was hoping conversation would follow awkward pleasantries. Hoho, scary predatory so not- high school kid :P

This kid's cute. He really just looks um, all of 16. Meh, I feel old.

Thought number 2: Break my (assuming and really imaginative) heart one time, just show up with someone and at least have a remote semblance of a romantic whatevs. Then I can throw out the window whatever creative fiction I have conjured in my head, about you and the weird staring spree you've been staging for weeks. Gad, I can't believe you merited a blog entry. I better have something interesting to look forward to for Saturday. Meh, I wish.

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