Friday, December 22, 2006

christmas wish list

am one sticker away :) woot!

we were at Mega earlier today and i got my second to the last sticker from there. i was second in line and barista sounded weirdly... weird -- in a cute way. when i was my turn, i froze. he wasn't
cute cute, but he was hot in his own way :) his voice sounded.. haay :) this article is starting to sound every bit perv-ie. haha.

hot barista: what would you like?
me: gingerbread. frap :) *
big grin -- hand payment and promo card.
ooh, he was staring in the eye. imagine my happiness. it wasn't exactly great though, cos he's way too short for me.

hot barista: ooh, you're almost done *
while on to the sticker in my "sticker book"*
me: yeah, one more
*and i totally fought the urge to wink at him*

and then i step off the coffee joint and i smile to myself :)

for today: painted my toes black, pedi courtesy of mum.

the things on my wishlist are coming off my list one by one :)
if only they can cover up for all the crap rotting inside me.
howell, i've settled it myself: neurons over that thing in the cardiac cavity.
haha, pseudo-intellectual crap.

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