Wednesday, January 17, 2007

idle preoccupations

i am a year away from real life. the lure of the corporate life is looming and a 9-5 job is haunting me. scarreh. incidentally, i've been stumbling upon countless accounts of the freelancer life. i read about it when i bloghop, accounts of the joys of a flexible schedule and how it totally flies thatyou can have a random spur of the moment dinner with friends, or lunch even. pretty shallow, but kinda flies for me. am also thinking about venturing into something creative like teaching, or whatever. i'd love to be a newsreporter, or a dj maybe, or a researcher, or a thespian.the romantic broke-but-i-don'tcare-am-happy knd of job satifsfaction -- ah, it's the movies' fault :P three years into business school and i just kaboom. this is just a phase. i think. i hope. well, 9-5 is not so bad.

isa pa. this morning i was sitting by the econ lib building lobby looking through the huge glass window peering out to the street between Malcolm and sunken. it was just beautiful. plus random thought. i remebered that time when i was walking right outside the bee-yoo-ti-ful glass window. from outside, it was just a bland, boring, brown glass window, so unlike the view it makes. wala lang, random thought like an unpretty person who looks at life the way the glass window looks out the canopy of trees outside. from outside uninteresting, but unaffected inside and has zero space for jaded. sometimes i just wish life were like that.

one more concern is about that. am not very sure if that is where i want to be. it's the feel, i just plain don't fit. i need to find something to keep me busy. i need a 'preoccupation.' i need to do somethng i love to do. i need to be proud of something. absent pa eh. Lord, please :)

**my two happy thignums:
  1. good internet connection! weee!:)
  2. tet sent the best pick-me-upper message :)
**i got to this song Ikot by Stonefree. mehn, am hooked. the words are just right, onting mush but with so much truth. alavet :)

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