Sunday, January 21, 2007

i love you Sabado :)

finally, sabado! :D

para wag ko makalimutan -- other career options :P, on working in groups, and happy birthday sammy. cos when i start writiting, i get so caugth up i forget why i wanted to write in the first place! :P
  • the other day i was thinking again my life after business school -- yes, am paranoid like that. then thursday, aga and i were talking random things over biscuits and siopao for lunch. he was telling me about how he's liking and disliking ComRes at the same time. i pipe in saying at this time in BA am not even sure if i reallyreally like what am doing. again i think about what i would rather be doing instead of staying in an aircon office all day. i remembered back in freshie college i took an Anthropology class and two months into it i was seriously thinking of wanting to do that all my life. i loved that it was very unconventional and not the norm -- going to tribespeople and spending a year with them to study their life, being interviewed on TV and telling people what the Tasadays do, stuff like that. and then i also wanted to become a journalist. back in grade school, everyone was telling me i should be that. the i was thinking maybe i should be a writer for a glamor magazine, interviewing people, spilling my guts out for problem girls to read -- a la Andy in How To Lose. haha. and then i was jolted back to real life when the thought came to me like a light bulb moment -- i have to/need to live the structured life. isipin ko pa kung bakit, pero i know i just have to.
  • i've been a big b*atch. well, not really. i was trying to be rational but i ended up escalating my commitment -- a little too much. then suddenly, i wasn't the Justice League person correcting the wrongs, i was the monster they're trying to fight. i've always been bad at group works. the only group i've worked with successfully (well, relative to my other groups :P) is my home group. *mush :p something's prolly wrong with the people i work with, but at the rate things are going, am sure there are stuff i need to work on, too. one more year, a thousand more chances. Lord, help.
  • happy birthday sammy -- i was really apprehensive about going. i heard about it from Neng, she said 'everyone's' going. so regardless kung friends kame, it's perfectly finethat i go. muntik pang di ako matuloy. i was supposed to go with Jamie but a few hours before, plans were getting muddled. but yeah, we still ended up going, and i was really glad i went :)
foto op: (clockwise) aiza, dianne, jamie, me, sammy,addie, cathy(mej hidden), mahal, joe-am, eds, borgie :)
it's always been like that -- just when i think it's going to be a bad night, it never fails to prove me wrong :) all the friggin' time! happy birthday sammy :)

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