Monday, January 22, 2007

movie maker went kaput on me

i have no idea why i volunteered to take on this video editing work. 1) am not creative 2) i suck at working computers except only for Word 3)i don't really like video editing. well prolly because i wasnt at the shoot and i kinda felt obliged to do the other things left to do. so yeah, my hands are full with 10++ videos to put music on.

i've been on this since yesterday and it wasn't exactly a breeze. last night, i have restarted the coputer 5times, cussed more times, and wished Movie Maker would give me a chance. well, needless to say, but i will -- you know me :P, it forced its will and went kaput. i just don't know why my "technologies" go bonkers everytime i use them for productive, academic purposes. lets take the Internet for example. it works perfectly everytime i check friendster, upload fotos, download useless stuff to clog my pc memory, check random emails, and other things that will not add value to my life -- haha, joke lang to, for poetic purposes lang. but no, when i need to send v. IMPORTANT (can you feel the urgency, i had to make it all caps) emails, we either run out of internet card, OR Internet Explorer just won't budge. hay. and this is not the first time i wrote about this frustating phenomenon of my life. and now, pati programs ng pc pag for academic purposes, ayaw narin. aaaaaaaa!

it's not all sad and gloomy though. the non-academic purposes of the pc's kinda making me smile kahit pano. like yesterday, i finally learned to work Limewire! despite the warnings given me by computer hygeine freaks (i-don't-want-any-virus-on-my-coputer-so-i-say-no-to-limewire aka paolo valdez :P) i sill went on. and yesterday was pure download bliss! :) say it after me -- Ikot, Breakdown, Walking After You, brighter than Sunshine, Inoj,Put Your Record On, No Letting go, ORdinary People, Alanis Morisette, MJ Blige, Maria Mena. weeee! i can go on and on :)the sad part though, is that the left ear of Shuffle jus went off. i have yet to my find my way to a new pair of earphones... OR a new iPod! *rubs palms together* bwahaha. convenient birthday gift excuse :P Lord, minsan lang po ako humingi ng expensive gifts cos you know i really don't. Puhleeeaase?:)

isa pang happy note. endorphins from chocolates are the best! :) and i think the endorphins will be staying (and overcoming pms) for a while. we're kinda swimming in chocolates and peanut butter since the balikabayan box came. and since grocery day was just a few days ago, my two favorite *happinesses are sharing house space -- Kebler and Swiss Miss Milkshake! weeee! :) Dyosko, hello hips -- shun the fat! shun the fat! haha.

eto mej introspective mood -- now it made me think: what was i doing last year wasting precious time acting all angsty about life? when i can't survive a day without laughing (guffawing even :P), what was i doing b*atching about everything? hay, life changes. am happy am happy again :)

hello self. you'll die without laughter. don't forget to, okay? :)
sttick with happy people. and help make pms-y, angsty, depressed people be happy. haha.

finally, now with so much more conviction -- it's all good! :)

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