Thursday, June 14, 2007

senior year, day 1

let's pretend it still is a tuesday night, because i want to write with the words "today" and "earlier" -- easier referencing :P dint get to write last night cos i had a pseudo-headache and well tinamad nako :P

  • i was seriously thinking of writing something like "first day high" for this post's title. but am guessing i'll be getting more flak than i can take for the lapse in judgment (and a tacky choice at that:P), so yeah i just settled for that one.
  • rach is baaack! :) and yeah, me and friendcess saw her first sa ground floor washroom, and dyosko friendcess was jumping up and down :P haha, yeah rach we are seriously happy to see youuuu! :) yikee! ahaha. ooh, shes got new bangs and shorter hair, btw. -- some EDIT: i figured i kinda miss rach being in cebu. not that i dont want her here or anything like that -- what i miss is having her online at this time in the morning and i have someone to bug this early :P OR, she can always have fast internet at xanland :) raaach!
  • i've been writing a lot in either bullets or numbered paragraphs. i think i forget my basic composition rules. so yeah, i'll prolly stick to this muna until i remember my connecting sentences again :)
  • some words of whatever from erykah badu: what am i supposed to do when i want you in my world, how can i want you for myself when am already someone's giiirl. i guess i'll see you next lifetime :) ooh, i think i love her already :) not that the song in any way talks about me, cos it doesnt. i just thought it was.. cool. ick. witty. okay thats me sounding all ditzy there. basta, erykah badu rocks my socks :) weee! lovelovelove the sound :)
  • this is the something am not really sure how exactly to feel about. i din't get to take 129 this sem. no big emotions for me, i wasnt ecstatic when i found out about the possibility of taking the class, and well no big disappointment as well when i wasnt taken in. Kat told me about sir ben paul being okay with waiving 105 and taking it with 129. so i wrote i letter asking if i can waive. i ask pv for help in writing the letter, and he took the role to heart :) when i was about to go home and just dump the whole waiving thing, he'll do unbelievable pep talk. pv and pep talk, they dont usually go together, but this time even he was surprised at his "niiice" self :) so even if i dint get in, thankyou :)
  • my only successful feat for the day was me getting into the TF 105 class. if mam talavera dint take me in, my mondays will be from 8.30a to4p -- no break. so yeah, if she dint take me in, ill die on mondays. it was really nice of her to do me that favor -- she was whining when i was asking her to please take me in cos she said she just printed her clean class list and thats shes super OC with her papers. and that she has to do another one because now am in. but even with the ranting, she took me in! :) thankyouthankyou! :)
  • hrmmm, so am officially a senior. am ooold.

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